Toddler Head and Back Protection Pads

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About the product

Falling is the number reason for children injuring themselves. A fall might be serious or even lethal. 

Prevent your child from accidental injuries during play with these head protection pads today!

These pads are soft and comfortable for everyday use and it is designed for children and toddlers who are 4 to 18 months of age. 

These pads are super easy to put of and off your child and it providse parents like you with a peace of mind knowing that your child is protected at his or her head from accidental injuries during fall. The pads even extends to the back to further cushion a fall, if it happens. So, you don't have to worry about going to the doctor anymore for falls during playtime with your child!

Product Specifications:

Made of cotton for a soft and comfortable use any time of the day

Approximately 12.2 by 6 inches in size. Perfect for children 4-18 months of age. 

Toddler Head and Back Protection Pads