Sock Laundry Organizer

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About the product

The Sock Laundry Organizer is a simple & easy-to-use sock laundry tool designed to keep socks in pairs while washing, drying and storing, so you never have to sort, match or search for socks again. It’s the only sock loss prevention AND storage system on the market. This unique laundry tool saves time, money & relationships.

Adjustable sliders hold and lock dirty socks in pairs. Great alternative to a sock drawer organizer. Parents will love this and never lose a sock again!

How it works:

1. Starting at the bottom, place one pair of dirty socks between 2 sliders, and adjust top slider down to socks

2. Once full of socks, remove the hanger and toss the Sock Laundry Organizer in the washer, then the dryer

3. Hang Sock Laundry Organizer with clean socks in closet


3 easy steps: wash, dry, & hang in closet – socks never separate from their mate; foot-shaped hanger fits in closet, over doorknob or on hamper; Keep your laundry socks organized and together


Cool Organizing accessory for hanging, closet; No folding or matching clean socks; Saves space, eliminates the need for a sock drawer; 1 Sock Laundry Organizer holds 9 pairs of socks, each 29.5” L x 2.7” W


Fun for boys and girls to keep socks neat & organized; Works with all sizes of socks - adult, kid, & baby socks


Washer-safe, dryer-safe (certified by Bureau Veritas Laboratories)

Product Specifications:

Includes: 1 x Sock Laundry Organizer

Sock Laundry Organizer