Rainbow Shower Head

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About the product

Experience the most magical shower with the rainbow shower head. So magical, it doesn’t even require batteries. Just turn the knob, and conjure multi-colored water instantly, or as some would say, “feel the rainbow”. Pots o’ gold not included. 

This magical shower head will transport you to a tropical forest as you bathe in a rainbow-colored cascade of ever-changing colors.


• Straightforward replacement for most standard showerheads

• Transforms shower time for you and your kids

• Fitted in minutes

• No batteries or wiring

Product Specifications:

Diameter of the spray head: 8.5 cm

Length of the handle: 21 cm

  • ★ When water flows down the LED will light instantly and automatically. The led shower head is powered by running water, no batteries or distasteful wires ever eeded.
  • ★ 2 mode LED Handheld Shower Head. 7 colors that are changing automatically, your kids will simply love them.
  • ★ A very practical and stylish LED shower spray head for your bath room. Offers you delightful bath and wonderful experience.
  • ★ ABS durable material, subtle screw. Easy to install by yourself, without any other assistant accessory and fits all standard connectors.
  • ★ Right size of the nozzle can save water. Perfect proportion and ergonomic design fit for your hand and the stand.

Remember: This product requires no battery to operate. Water pressure will light up the water flowing through it! 

Rainbow Shower Head