Neck and Shoulder Massager

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Sore muscles after a day's hard work?

Accelerate muscle recovery with these neck and shoulder massager. Just using it for a few minutes will alleviate most pains and soreness in your body, reducing daily stress, lowers heart rate to a healthier life and promotes better sleep at night!

You can even use it at your hips or legs! Get creative with it!

The massager uses power cords so that you don't have to charge it before use. You can even use it in a car with the provided car power cable! Perfect for those long road trips or after a day of hard work.

Start living a healthier life with a massage!

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Imagine being able to come home and relax with these before sleep - you'll have a better sleep at night and wake up feeling more refreshed than ever!

Instructions are provided inside the package.

Neck and Shoulder Massager