Iroiro Online

We began with a simple vision of bringing people from around the globe together to give them a platform where they can express themselves through the clothes that they wear and the products that they use. We also strive to offer better solutions to them through our products.

Embedded in our culture is a passion for brilliantly designed products with detailed illustration and creative appreciation.

Production and Design

Each garment we produce starts with an inspiration and ends with a message. We wanted to express the very same thing that people wanted to express. We also put on our thinking hats and think about the problems that people have and a solution that we could bring about during the design and selection of the products that we offer.

We are not a faceless company; we live and breathe design that is appealing and brings a very positive message for people to express themselves with. We are human. Our humane culture means that we do not exploit child labour during the production of our products and garment.


We aim to make our customers happier with the products that we offer in solving their problems and letting them express what they have always wanted to express.